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We represent our clients with passion. 

Car accidents. Falls (Premises Liability). Wrongful Death.  Animals. Malpractice.  Abuse a Day care.  At a Nursing Home. Accidents with a truck.  With an Uninsured motorist.  

When you need a lawyer, you need one who gets it.

If we can't handle your case, we know who can.

Our AttorneyTeam

Ellyn Rapaport, Esq.  she/her.  Ellyn has always been a fierce advocate in the community. From fighting insurance companies to forcing a major medical institution to recognize human rights for transgender patients, Ellyn refuses to back down. She fights for those who need a voice. Ellyn is passionate about providing a safe space for all our communities when people have been injured or wronged by another person.  Ellyn brings a unique and personal perspective to every injury case she handles. Prior to attending law school, a drunk driver crashed into Ellyn’s vehicle at a high rate of speed.  As a result, Ellyn suffered significant and permanent injuries.  Ellyn began to rebuild her life and learn to live within her new limitations, dedicating her career to helping others who have been injured by drunk/careless/negligent drivers and others.  Ellyn and Michael form a legal dynamo that is a force to be reckoned with for our clients, allies, and cool people everywhere.

M. E. O'Connell, Esq. They/them A trial attorney of amazing energy and skill, with successful jury trials to verdict in courts all over the State of Colorado including: Jefferson, Douglas, Denver, Summit, Eagle, Pitkin, El Paso, Arapahoe and Boulder County District Courts. Like Ellyn, M.E. is motivated and influenced by big tidal forces in life.  A career as a trial attorney in many high stakes litigations across the state, M.E. has also navigated their own gender journey, from the almost pre-historic 80s to the strange place we are as a society today.  We know the lay of the land.  ME's been there.  Fairness, justice and compensation that makes a difference - getting it is our sole focus.   In their spare time, they teach, trek and  try to help.

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